Eco Solution Q premium branded nylon is Cradle to Cradle certified and can be recycled into more Eco Solution Q, again and again. It contains a minimum of 45%* recycled content, utilizing an average of 23 million pounds of recycled content annually. Requiring 18% less energy to make than nylon 6,6, it's efficient too. And, with one of the largest DPFs (denier per filament) in the industry at 24, as well as the strongest tensile strength, Eco Solution Q offers exceptional performance. It's what you should expect from a manufacturer that understands the demands placed on commercial carpet.

Eco Solution Q

At Shaw, our product solutions are proof of our commitment to a sustainable future. By utilizing the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle in the development of products such as Eco Solution Q®, we're helping our communities and our planet by diverting waste from landfills and reducing the amount of raw materials we use in the production cycle.

Eco Solution Q is a premium branded fiber from Shaw Fibers, the largest producer of solution dyed nylon. It contains a minimum of 45%* recycled content. And, as a Cradle to Cradle product, EcoSolution Q is fully recyclable back into carpet fiber through depolymerization. This means that Eco Solution Q can be recycled in a continuous loop again and again, forever. Today, Eco Solution Q utilizes an average of 23 million pounds of recycled content annually. This amount will continue to increase as production levels rise. And Eco Solution Q has been fully assessed by the MBDC protocol to ensure it is safe for human health.

Not only is Eco Solution Q better for you and the environment, it actually performs better too. Eco Solution Q sets new benchmarks in durability and tensile strength. At Shaw, we understand the demands placed on carpet, and we will continue to stand by our product with exceptional warranty coverage you can trust.

Shaw is a vertically integrated company, which means we control all aspects of our carpet production. We are able to guarantee quality at each step of the manufacturing process, from raw material to the delivery of your carpet. Eco Solution Q is just one of the ways we’re working to provide you with a better product, without compromising our communities and our planet.

*Recycled content is based on allocated nylon fiber from Shaw's total nylon fiber production and determined as a percent of total Eco Solution Q output. Actual recycled content in this product will likely vary.


The Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, Georgia is the only nylon 6 depolymerization recycling facility of its kind in the world. This process eliminates landfill waste and keeps high-value materials within the production stream to make new carpet. Evergreen takes post consumer Eco Evolution®, Eco Solution Q® and other nylon 6 carpets from other manufacturers and converts the carpet into caprolactam monomer, the building block of new nylon. Once complete, this recovered nylon is virtually indistinguishable from new nylon, having the same aesthetic and performance properties. The recycled content can then be inserted back into the production stream for new Shaw nylon.

  • Capacity to recycle 100 million pounds each year
  • Shaw's recycling capabilities represent one-third of the industry’s capacity
  • Cradle-to-cradle process reduces land filling of carpet by recovering the nylon for reuse
  • Shaw’s nationwide carpet recycling network sends collected carpet to Evergreen
  • To recycle your carpet, call 800.434.9887 for more information

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